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Our Story

The Foundation

ASPEN Leather is the brainchild of Khanna Exporters, a company with a well-established background of family dry-fruit business since 1928. Although born out of a family partnership in 2007, it was first conceptualised in 1990 when RR International, the primary company, decided to have an export division. The division was then for importing and exporting dry-fruits to curb the needs of the Indian market.

And gradually, also serendipitously, the export division entered the market of exporting leather. Primarily dealing with leather jackets in the beginning, it was not until the year 2007 that leather manufacturing, exporting and selling became the main focus. The export division of RR International separated and formed a sole proprietorship-Khanna Exporters.

Although starting with just one leather product - leather jackets, Khanna Exporters started selling leather and fashion goods adding more than 30 leather product categories to their product list. The 3rd generation entered into the family business in 2010. They established a new way of reaching out to their customers -

Our Mission

ASPEN Leather is determined to make handcrafted and luxury-quality leather goods available at a reasonable rate. Our team of designers and craftsmen combine their unmatched skill of master artisans with the finest materials. And the result is exquisite - stunning and highly functional pieces. We are for those who look for high-quality at competitive prices.

Our Craftsmanship

To ensure remarkable design and quality, we looked for people with the right amount of experience and skills. We then hand-picked designers and craftsmen with intimate knowledge of leather designing, manufacturing and working techniques. Each of our leather products is handcrafted diligently by our leather artisans.

Our Design

Each of our leather pieces is designed in-house by our team of designers with years of experience. They ensure that not only the leather product elegant and attractive but is also highly functional. We let our designs, masterful craftsmanship & premium materials speak for us.

Our100% Genuine MATERIALS

For a leather product to have a good lifetime, you need to start with 100% genuine premium materials. The leather is at the heart and soul of our business. We get the finest quality material from the same suppliers that supply to luxury brands. Genuine leather is exclusive to touch and has a character of its own. Gracefully-aged leather tells a unique story. We carefully considered every aspect to create remarkable leather products last long.

Our Ethics

Customer satisfaction, high-quality and social responsibility are few key parts of our business ethos. We assure the quality of each and every leather product we create and sell to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We offer robust customer service to support retailers during purchase and after the purchase. Our company also ensures that the products are created in an eco-friendly manner.

We Create the Difference

We're able to deliver premium quality leather products at a fraction of the expected price. This is due to our sustainable methods and techniques to craft our products and use of genuine material.